Semalt Explains What Features A Good Image Scraper Should Have

There were times when an image was worth a thousand words, but now pictures are worth a few hundred likes, tweets, thumbs up and shares. More than this, pics are scraped, shared, reused, and edited for the prosperity of business. People generally scrape images without permission and aim to expand their network all over the world. Image scraping is one of the most neglected topics these days, but having this skill under your tool belt will give you various advantages. It's important to select the right kind of image scraper that could help grow your business and improve the overall performance of a website. Here we have discussed some features a great image scraper should have:

Point-and-Click Agent Creation:

An image scraper helps scrape Google and Bing images. Also, it can easily create extraction agents and make your browsing experience more than wonderful. Moreover, image scraper doesn't require you to have programming or coding skills.

Visual Content Tagging:

With image scraper, you can extract precise content and target a large number of web pages easily. Also, it helps reduce downstream processing requirements and gets you high-quality images within a matter of minutes.

Optimized Browser:

Image scraper can extract information from more than 90 percent sites without coding skills. For example, from complex JavaScript-based dynamic sites and AJAX-based web pages.

Records user behavior:

Ordinary scraper and data extractors don't record the behavior of users. But the image scraper can record a user behavior to an extent and helps you navigate through web pages.

Machine Learning Technology:

There are only a few web scraping and data mining tools that possess machine learning technology. The image scraper does possess this technology and easily recognizes your images as well as their text. It reduces maintenance costs by more than 70% and gets you desired data from the targeted pics.

Automated Login:

Image scraper makes it easy for you to access web content and target a large number of sites. Plus, you don't need any specific credentials to access protected content from a site. Instead, you can access and extract an entire website including its text and images with the image scraper, without any need for login information.

Intelligent Site Navigation:

This tool can scrape pictures and videos for you but also saves your time and performs its tasks conveniently. In short, you can be sure that you'll get high-quality images and get accurate data from as many web pages as you want.

Database Extraction:

With image scraper, you can scrape web content, database content, and texts from a large number of sites. It will automatically extract stories along with their pictures and rewrite their titles for you.


If you are lucky, you would be able to find copyright-free images on Google, Bing, Yahoo or other online databases. The most important part is that you can scrape the images you want without compromising on quality. It's too difficult to find datasets that suit all our needs. Thankfully, the image scraper makes your work easier and is the prior choice of enterprises and top brands. If you respect the copyright laws, you will get best out of an image scraping tool and generate more leads on the net.

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